Shandong Seasir Brewing Food Co., Ltd. (China),was founded in 1948. It is located in East China, by beautiful Bohai Bay, which has four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate providing excellent natural conditions for the food brewing industry. We have always devoted to the development and production of Asian condiments – soy sauce and vinegar.

Currently, in addition to selling in the most areas of China, Seasir products are also exported to the United States, Europe … Main clients of Seasir include general family consumers, food industry clients and OEM clients, etc.

Seasir has been certified by the IS09001 National Quality Management System and IS022000 Food Safety Management System, BRC, Halal, Kosher and been certified by FDA with the qualification for exported food manufacturer, etc.

Seasir always puts human health and food safety in first place, equipped with outstanding Research & Development and Quality Management teams. Team members include technical elites and experts from all over China and from Japan.

Seasir Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Seasoning Wine, etc. are brewed completely from non-GMO ingredients and do not contain preservatives and any unhealthy food additives.

Seasir pays great attention to environmental protection and efficient use of industrial waste heat and biomass fuel as energy, realizing zero emission of air pollutants.



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